mi|nus1 [ˈmaınəs] prep
[Date: 1400-1500; : Latin; Origin: 'less', from minor 'smaller']
1.) used to show that one number or quantity is being ↑subtracted from another
≠ ↑plus
17 minus 5 is 12 (17 - 5 = 12).
The payment will be refunded to you minus a small service charge.
2.) informal without something that would normally be there, or that used to be there
He came back minus a couple of front teeth.
minus 2
minus2 n
1.) something that is a disadvantage because it makes a situation unpleasant
≠ ↑plus
There are both pluses and minuses to living in a big city.
2.) a ↑minus sign
minus 3
minus3 adj
1.) [only before noun] BrE
used to talk about a disadvantage of a thing or situation
≠ ↑plus
'Any minus points ?' 'Well, the engine is rather noisy.'
On the minus side , there is no free back-up service if things go wrong.
2.) less than zero - used especially when talking about temperatures
At night temperatures sometimes fall to minus 30°.
a minus quantity
3.) A minus/B minus etc
a mark used in a system of judging students' work. An 'A minus' is slightly lower than a 'A', but higher than a 'B'.
≠ ↑plus

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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